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Sunbeds in Nuneaton

If you are looking for the best sunbeds in Nuneaton then you’ve found them!

Sunbeds In Nuneaton

Packages & Bundles

All Prices include VAT

Single Sessions

Pay as you go

3 mins£2.40
6 mins£4.80
9 mins£6.00
12 mins£7.20
15 mins£8.40


Short Courses

Use within 7 days

5×6 mins£10.00
5×9 mins£12.00
5×12 mins£18.00

Heatsavers Courses

Blocks of minutes

75 mins£30.00
90 mins£42.00
120 mins£54.00
180 mins£66.00


Unlimited Courses

1 month of use

6 mins£35.00
9 mins£47.00
12 mins£57.00


Ask about our Collagen Sunbed

Specialised treatment for skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema
sunbeds in nuneaton heatwave nuneaton sunbed salon


Tanning at Heatwave

On the best sunbeds in Nuneaton

Heatwave sets the highest standards when it comes to quality, performance, cleanliness and technology, while always ensuring your health is not compromised.

We offer both lie down and stand up sunbeds and only use the very best tubes available on the market – ensuring a golden colour and the best results anywhere.

Sunbeds In Nuneaton

The Tanning Process: How do we tan?

Aleksandar Sekulic MD say’s, “When your skin cells are threatened by the UV rays coming at them from the sun, they kick into protection mode, distributing darker pigment cells (melanocytes) to those cells on the surface. The pigment blocks UV radiation from hitting cells’ most valuable parts.

“What the cells do with this pigment they received as a gift is pile it all on top of the cell’s nucleus, like an umbrella,” Sekulic explains. When pigment piles up, your skin looks tanner. The more threatened your skin is, the more it works to form pigment shields. That’s why you get darker the longer you stay out.

Sunbeds use an optimal combination of UVA and UVB light to stimulate melanin release in the skin; whilst our products both moisturise the skin and encourage the melanin to rise to the upper skin layers.

Tanning and Health

Our staff at Heatwave Nuneaton are trained to identify the optimum tanning programme for each individual’s skin type. Under our guidance, you can confidently and safely get the tan you desire.

As probably the best sunbed salon in Nuneaton, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise in all things tanning. Sunbeds have many benefits that not only include getting a decent tan but other, more interesting applications.

For example, did you know that moderate UV exposure has shown benefits for skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczma? The warmth of a sunbed and the resulting tan has also been attributed to feelings of well-being and therefore improved mental health.

To find us, you may do a search for ‘ sunbed shops near me ‘ or just simply ‘best sunbeds in nuneaton’ and hopefully we’ll be top of the list! We may be the most established sunbed salon in Nuneaton but people are always talking about us and making a b-line to visit Heatwave Nuneaton! Why don’t you join them?


Sunbed use and Vitamin D

Sunbeds imitate the sun and emit a controlled amount of UVA which is responsible for skin pigmentation and UVB which is responsible for Vitamin D production.

Safe and sensible use of sunbeds and other tanning equipment can be extremely beneficial in boosting Vitamin D levels.

If you are going to use a sunbed, you should always follow the recommended exposure times based on your skin type and be sure to avoid overexposure.

Boost Vitamin D levels by using sunbeds in Winter months

The Winter period covers the months between October and March.

Many incidents of Vitamin D deficiency have been reported during these months, and especially in countries in central and northern Europe, because exposure to sunlight is limited and people are just not able to get the Vitamin D they need to stay healthy.

During this ‘Winter’ period, sunbeds could be an alternative option.

See more at The Sunbed Association


Hormonal benefits of UV exposure

  • Regulates serotonin production, protecting against some forms of depression such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Stimulates the production of ‘feel-good’ hormones which reduce stress and promote feelings of well-being and sound sleep
  • Raises sex drive through increased production of sex hormones in both sexes



Other benefits of UV exposure

  • Provides relief from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema by reducing cell division – this is known medicinally as phototherapy
  • Can reduce severity of acne in some cases
  • Can also, in low doses, strengthen immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells and also reduce cholesterol levels.



Sunbeds in Nuneaton

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Best sunbed shop in Nuneaton

Excellent facilities, lovely helpful staff who provide excellent service. See you after lockdown”

Michelle Hughes

Amazing sunbeds

Lovely staff and great beds always clean and tidy

Charlotte Briscoe

Best sunbeds in Nuneaton

Fantastic choice of stand up and lay down beds. Always clean floors and beds. All staff very welcoming and recommend the right choice of lotions for your tanning as well as not letting you exceed minutes based on your skin type.Highly recommend.

Shirley A Cullen

Heatwave Sunbeds Give You The BEST Tan

Love this place….amazing facilities, the staff are the nicest people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting and you’ll not find value for money like it. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Lee Anthony Oddy

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