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Heatwave Nuneaton Tanning


For the best sunbeds in Nuneaton, Heatwave is #1. Though we operate a booking policy, customers can still walk in and we’ll do our best to get you tanned! We’re confident that we operate the very best sunbeds in Nuneaton – check us out! Tanning Nuneaton: Think Heatwave!

Heatwave Nuneaton Tanning

Spray Tans

Many people are worried that getting a spray tan will leave them looking orange and fake…and smelling like a stale biscuit! That certainly isn’t the case if you choose a practitioner that is experienced, skilled and only uses the very best products available. Just like we do here at Heatwave Nuneaton.

Whatever your reasons, Heatwave should be top of your list for the best spray tan in Nuneaton. Tanning Nuneaton: Think Heatwave!

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Heatwave Nuneaton Tanning

Tanning Tablets

A natural tan for the times when you can’t get that UV. They’ll assist even if you are getting out in the sun. Tanning Nuneaton: Think Heatwave!

Tanning Nuneaton

Self Tanning

A range of WHITE to BROWN self tanning products to use at home are available from Heatwave Nuneaton. There’s no replacing the professional results that you’d get at the salon, self tanning can help your usual routine – especially if you need to top up at short notice.

Tanning Nuneaton: Think Heatwave!

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Heatwave Nuneaton Tanning

Tan Accelerators

We supply a range of tan accelerators and skin products that will enhance & deepen your tan. Make the best of every session – using a tanning accelerator will help you get improved results every time!

Tanning Nuneaton: Think Heatwave!


Heatwave Nuneaton

Sunbed Options

From £2.40

  • Single Sessions
  • Short Courses
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Blocks of Minutes
Heatwave Nuneaton

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Whether it’s Sunbed minutes, the latest Products or one of our Beauty services, there’s always something for everyone throughout the year!


What They Say


Heatwave Nuneaton Review

“Heatwave Nuneaton is my new favourite place! Great sunbeds, great service, great price…what else could you ask for? Oh yes…great results! That goes without saying…”

Heatwave Nuneaton Spray Tan Review

“The best spray tan I’ve ever had – what a great colour. It was like getting back from the best caribbean holiday…overnight!”

Heatwave Nuneaton Tanning Tablets

“I’d never heard of Banana Beach tablets before – but they seemed to work for me! Within a few days I’m sure that I tanned faster as I never made it out in the sun much. The experiment is ongoing but I’m convinced.”

Heatwave Nuneaton Review

“My tan has never been better since moving to Heatwave Nuneaton! I’m usually a pretty stubborn tanner but with the great advice I received, it seems that I’ve found what works for me. The biggest piece of the puzzle?….Heatwave!”

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