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Sports Massage Nuneaton

Sports Massage at Heatwave Nuneaton

Sports Massage Nuneaton

Whatever your massage requirements, Heatwave has got you covered.

Sports Massage Therapy can help to improve your overall sports performance. It can be used as part of a training or recovery programme and the techniques used can loosen up muscles and improve recovery times, as well as treating and preventing injuries. Our therapist Mason is fully qualified and has lots of experience in the sports massage sector.

Mason, our Level 3 qualified Sports Massage Therapist and also club masseur at Nuneaton Griff, offers Sports Massages and relaxing Swedish Massages.

Designed to relax the body

Swedish massage is one of the most commonly used massage techniques. Also known as classic massage, the technique aims to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension by rubbing the body in long, gliding strokes.

Swedish Massage is much gentler than Sports Massage and is more suited for people looking to relax and to relieve tension.

The techniques used will be modified for each client’s personal needs, this is because each client will have different requirements and hold muscle tension in various places within our bodies. The aim of a Swedish massage is to pinpoint these areas and relieve knots, decrease pain, increase blood circulation, aid stress relief and promote relaxation.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

Contrary to what the name suggests, sports massage therapy is not solely for sporting individuals and athletes. It can be used and is just as effective for those suffering from muscular discomfort, injuries or general aches and pains.

Through regular activity, whether that is through sports, physical activities, work or the other stresses and strains of daily life, muscles can easily become overworked and tired. If aches, pains and soreness is not addressed, these muscular imbalances can affect our health and well-being as well as performance.

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Sports Massage Nuneaton

Sports Massage FAQ

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sports massage nuneaton MHR

What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

Some of the most exciting benefits of Sports Massage are: enhanced athletic performance, faster workout recovery, fewer injuries and faster recovery from injury, restored flexibility and range of motion, removal of lactic acid buildup, extending the overall life of your athletic career, reducing feelings of stress, and maintaining the body in better condition.

How often should I get a Sports Massage?

That can depend on several factors such as training volume and intensity, whether or not you have chronic pain or acute injury, and other factors.

For some individuals, a weekly massage gives huge results. Others only get an occasional Sports Massage if they’re in pain. The best way to reduce the effects of hard training is with regular Sports Massage. We suggest you try a series of Sports Massages to see how you feel when the positive effects accumulate – then you’ll be able to decide how often you need a Sports Massage.

However, it is a fact that even getting massaged once a month regularly can have a long lasting positive impact.

Can one single Sports Massage “fix” my problems?

Sometimes yes, it can. If you have a tight painful neck and shoulder complex you can expect to come away from a Sports Massage experiencing a lot of relief, at least for a while. But it probably took you months or years to get that way. It’s not reasonable to expect permanent relief from an hour session of Sports Massage.

The effects of Sports Massage are very much like the effects of athletic training. Your first bike ride won’t turn you into a Tour de France Champion, but a consistent training program will turn you into a competitive cyclist. So it is with Sports Massage. Consistent Sports Massage can offer very positive results to chronic issues and painful conditions.

Our therapist at Heatwave is experienced with the issues seen in modern sports and athletics and the traumas of every day life. He will be able to assess your issues and help you design a program to help you overcome them in the shortest possible time.

I've had a stressful week - do you provide other, less intensive massage therapies?

Yes, by all means. With MHR at Heatwave you are not limited to Sports Massage. Relaxing Swedish massage is also available.

Are there times that I shouldn’t get a Sports Massage?

Yes. Contraindications are conditions when you should not be massaged.

The most common condition among athletes is that of an acute injury or inflammation -often the first 72 hours after an injury is the acute stage. After the swelling and pain begin to diminish, massage is recommended.

A partial list of contraindications are: fever, vascular conditions, severe heart disease, contagious skin conditions, inflammation, abrasions, cuts, hematomas, cancer, neuritis, recent surgery, infectious diseases, diabetes with vascular dysfunction, fractures, and acute injury.

There are too many possible conditions to list here so it is your responsibility to alert the therapist of any medical condition or injury before a massage begins.

Some conditions are localized so massage may take place except in the affected area. Always consult with your doctor prior to starting any new program after an injury or surgery.

Sports Massage Nuneaton


“I pride myself on putting my clients completely at ease and understanding exactly what the issues to be addressed are.

I’m also fully qualified in Swedish massage – I hope to welcome you to Heatwave soon.”

Mason Healey-Rice

Massage Therapist, Heatwave Nuneaton

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So pleased! Sports Massage at Heatwave Nuneaton!

Mason was very professional and punctual. He made sure I was ok throughtout and have good advice for after care. Will be booking again.

Professionalism, Quality

I have to say being the first time gone for a relaxing massage, absolutely Fabbb, looking forward to my next appointment. I have to say thanks loads, as felt the difference once back on my desktop sitting position.

Great Professional Service

Great professional service – would recommend to everyone no pain no gain!

Sports Massage at its best at Heatwave!

I had a sports massage and Mason did a fantastic job. I couldn’t of asked for better. I highly recommend. Also, he’s a top guy!

Best Sports Massage in Nuneaton

Excellent massage, all knots and tension gone feeling flexible and relaxed would highly recommen.

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