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Body Wrap Nuneaton

Body Wrap Nuneaton

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

Why choose Shrinking Violet Body Wrap?

Well, a Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is painless for a start! And there’s no effort required on your part – and we all want to hear that! Who wouldn’t want smearing in special oil and be tightly wrapped up just to spend some quality time relaxing on the heated couch? Sounds great doesn’t it? It really is that simple. Well…there’s a little bit of effort involved afterwards to flush out all the toxins by drinking plenty of water…and avoiding your favourite treats, obviously (why would you want to undo all the good work?).

Shrinking Violet is clinically proven for inch loss, a treatment so powerfully fat busting that one 60 minute application can result in a reduction of up to a whole dress size!

Results from the clinical trial show up to 2.5% fat reduction per application. How does it work? The active ingredients in the oil penetrate cells & fat busting formula acts as a direct slimming solution.

Removing fat in problem areas, such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen has always been a problem but Shrinking Violet is engineered to also work on cellulite, fluid retention, sluggish circulation and detoxification. It’s the gold standard for inch loss.

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap helps you to look slimmer and feel better about yourself…increasing confidence and self esteem. Why not compliment that look with an amazing tan by using our state of the art sunbeds or by enjoying a WHITE to BROWN spray tan!

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How does Shrinking Violet Body Wrap work

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap successfully helps to shrink fat from all over the body – especially the problem areas such as upper arms, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs via a method called lipolysis.

Lipolysis works by breaking down fat stored within your fat cells. The main ingredient in the Shrinking Violet oil is a Phospholipid which is an ingredient used in fat dissolving injections. But you don’t need an injection to move that stubbor fat with Shrinking Violet.

Once applied, the active ingredient Phospholipid penetrates the skin in seconds. In turn, the heat generated from the wrap forces the oil into the skin where the Phospholipid is attracted to the fat cells, helping to break down the fatty acids. These are then expelled from the body via lymphatic drainage.

After the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

What should you do after you’ve had a Shrinking Violet body wrap?

Don’t shower or exercise for at least 8-12 hrs! The oils are still having effects on your skin.

Limit caffeine and tea for 72 hours.

Have your inch loss wrap after a light lunch.

Drink lots of water! It’s recommended to drink warm water with lemon upon waking up with an empty stomach. It helps in washing out toxins and makes the tummy flatter. It goes without saying that exercise and proper diet are still neccessary!

You’ll be passing urine more than usual – you’re flushing all the toxins, which is also good for your health.

The process continues for 72 hours and you’ll notice you’ll shed more cms/inches, making the Shrinking Violet inch loss body wrap even more powerful.

Body Wrap Nuneaton

Drop up to a dress size in 1 hour!


What do they say in the press?

Cheat your way to inch loss!

Body Wrap Magic!

Amazing Body Wrap Results!


What They Say


The Amazing Body Wrap!

Errr no…my bottom doesn’t look big in this!! Not anymore. Love it!

Shrinking Body Wrap Nuneaton!

Firmer…tighter…how can this be? Yes, I’ve lost inches in one session. I can’t believe it!

Amazing fat loss in Nuneaton!!

8 inches from all over? That gym membership might be history now I’ve found this! And what a relaxing break from the kids

Inch loss magic... by lying down!?

Off came the wrap and on came my smile! Who’s have thought that Shrinking Violet would be so effective… I’ll take the 5 sessions please 🙂

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