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Lashes Nuneaton

Lashes Nuneaton

Lashes at Heatwave Nuneaton

Looking for the best lashes in Nuneaton?

Whether it’s Classic lashes, Hybrid lashes or Russian lashes, we’ve got eyelash extensions in Nuneaton covered!

All women want to have: longer, fuller and fluttery eyelashes. But many women struggle with finding the correct lash mascara and find it difficult to wear strip lashes.

Lash extensions have many advantages but unfortunately, there is also one big disadvantage that you should consider: Lash extensions are addictive (in the best way possible)! Once you get the lashes, you won’t want to live without them! When the lashes are removed, you’ll miss the beautiful accent and framing they gave your eyes. Fortunately, you won’t have to do without for long; book in again and we’ll have you lashed back up in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Book your eyelash extensions appointment with Lashes By HD today here at Heatwave Nuneaton!

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Holly Dawson

Holly Dawson

Lashes By HD

We are excited to have Holly Dawson here at Heatwave Nuneaton!

Lashes Nuneaton

Types of Lashes

Classics Lashes

Classic lashes are the most natural-looking eyelash extensions. Classic lashes consist of one extension applied to each individual natural lash using a ratio of 1:1 depending on the amount of natural lashes you have eg. if you have only 50 natural lashes then the set of classic lashes will only be as good as the 50 individual lashes applied.

Classic lashes can be made to look more ‘dramatic’ depending amount as well as the the condition of the natural lashes. They are heavier in weight (usually 0.10g-0.20g) which is the reason that it is only safe to apply one extension to one individual natural lash. So, if you are wanting to dispense with the mascara but would hate to look as though you are wearing lash-strips then these are the ones for you!

Lashes Nuneaton

Eyelash Examples

Russian Volume

Russian volume is a more advanced technique that has become extremely popular! These particular lashes are much thinner in weight (usually 0.05g-0.07g) which means more than one extension can be applied to each natural lash.

The lash technician will use several techniques to create a ‘fan’ of lashes before applying it to the natural lash which creates a fuller and more ‘fluffy’ looking set of extensions. Although more extension can be applied these lashes can also be made to look as natural or as dramatic as you like depending on the amount of your natural lashes and their condition.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes is a fairly new term to the lash industry but have most definitely earned their place!

Hybrid Lashes are simply a mixture of Classic Lashes and Russians Volume Lashes. These lashes are great if you would like the Classic Lashes to extend the length but also would like the volume from the Russian if your natural lashes are few and sparse. This technique is also preferred in the styling of ‘Spikes’ or ‘Kim K Lashes’.

Can you get your lashes wet?

Once the glue on your lash extensions has had enough time to dry you won’t have to worry about getting them wet or submerging them in water. … When you do get your lashes wet, don’t dry them off or rub them with a towel.

Can you wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

NO you cannot wear mascara with lash extensions!


What They Say

emma jane robinson

Best Lashes in Nuneaton

Managed to get in to see Holly by luck as she had a last minute cancellation. I am so happy with my lashes they are beautifully full and fluffy… exactly how they should be! I would most certainly recommend Holly, she’s highly skilled and really lovely too!! Will be back xx

Emma-Jane Robinson

lizzy read

Amazing Lashes in Nuneaton

Amazing girl with great talent! I have been coming to Holly since she first started and I have been very impressed every time. I have had several sets that have lasted up to 5 weeks! X

Lizzy Read


Melanie Wilkinson

Best Eyelashes in Nuneaton!

The BEST lash girl around! 😍 there’s no going back to mascara once you’ve had some of hols lashes 💖💞💘🤷🏼‍♀️ 5+++++++ 🌟

 Melanie Wilkinson

Poppie Dawson

" Amazing Lashes " at Heatwave Nuneaton

Amazing lashes, would always recommend!!

Poppie Dawson


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