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It’s no secret that Heatwave are #1 for spray tanning in Nuneaton – but why would you consider a spray tan?

Here are 9 reasons to get a spray tan for the first time!

1. Going on a special date

It’s not just the outfit that’s important to look your best for that new prospect! A healthy, sexy glow can not only make us look great…but feel more confident too. Choose a contrasting colour for your ‘get up’ and you’ll look a million dollars!


2. Other special occasions like Proms, Graduation or Reunions

We all want to look good for our School events, and a spray tan provides the perfect opportunity to give it a go. Looking sun-kissed has never gone out of fashion and could give you that ‘edge’ that you are looking for amongst your peers. There’s bound to be lots of photos take at these occasions, so why not look your best – and remember that milestone fondly!


3. Weddings

One of the most popular reasons to get a spray tan. It’s THE day. You HAVE to look special. Spray tanning is a quick way to highlight your natural skin tone and enhance the look of that breathtaking dress. Even the supporting roles deserve a healthy glow – so don’t miss out!


4. You have a photoshoot

Whether you are expecting photos (see weddings and occasions above), you do modelling shoots or you just like taking those selfies off the cuff, a good spray tan will come to your rescue. Look better in front of the camera with a holiday glow.


5. You feel it’s a safer alternative to the sun and UV tanning

Over exposure to UV light is associated with skin aging. Overdoing anything has it’s risks. With spray tanning, you don’t need to worry about exposure to UV light and there’s no chance of burning! You won’t get the benefits of Vitamin D production but you will get a colour like you’ve been to the carribean – without the cost! A great reason to get a spray tan we’d say!


6. Body Building

Body builders have always used ‘fake tan’ to accentuate their muscle definition and display their hard work to it’s best. Enhancing your body’s appearance through colour has always been beneficial “under the lights”. That’s why it’s often used by competitors in many sports such as dancing, cheerleading, and ice skating too!


7. Maybe you’ve already got tan lines?

Been out in the sun and achieved an uneven tan? Even it up by getting sprayed! A good spray tan can help correct those lines and areas that didn’t quite catch.


8. Going on holiday

Nobody wants to be that newbie on the beach! Having to wait for the first week just to get a golden colour. Start out with your spray tan…and you won’t look like you’ve just arrived. Remember though, it won’t give you any protection (like a sunbed might) so go easy!


9. You have difficulty tanning naturally

One of the most obvious reasons to get a spray tan – people with skin that is naturally fair can have great difficulty getting a tan. Often, you’ll just go red..then white again…with a few more freckles for good measure. A spray tan can help you achieve a darker, yet natural colour to your skin, giving the appearance of a healthy tan even though it’s sunless.


Looking great with minimum effort is why spray tans have taken off in recent years. Whatever your reason for wanting one, Heatwave Nuneaton should be your first port of call for the best spray tan in Nuneaton.